We have no specific sectorial specialization, that enables us to work for a wide range of companies that have trusted our professionalism: major distribution groups, high tech, pharmaceutical laboratories, FMCG, electronic consumer products, law firms, industry, automotive, consultancy, fashion, retail, media, service, start-ups, and many more.

Our know-how in various sectors brings us a deep knowledge of markets, positions and processes that translate into greater added value for the client.





We cover Positions from Top Management to the Middle Management.


To have the best talent and the best team is a clear competitive advantage in the current marketplace. Our methodology (link to methodology) and know-how allow us to identify, assess and recruit for your company those candidates who best meet your needs and who will consequently best carry out your strategic plans.

Through our knowledge of the market and of search profiles, we bring value to the search mission by broadening the objective spectrum and suggesting alternative solutions. This is the case, for example, of satisfied clients who have eventually opted for candidates who, despite coming from outside the target sector or not coinciding precisely a priori with the parameters of the profile defined in the search briefing, have demonstrated that they have the capacity, character and empathy required of the ideal candidate.



Management Appraisal

Experience has shown us that Executive Assessment is an excellent tool in cases where companies are about to commit themselves to – or are already undergoing – profound organizational changes as a result of, for example, changes in corporate strategy, expansion, introduction of new business units, mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs.

With Executive Assessment the company enjoys the strategic advantage of having the right manager carrying out his functions.



Assessment and Organization

We apply HR Assessment and Organization in periods of change or in those situations which demand a rethinking of corporate strategies related to performance and productivity. It is a critical decision-making tool that affords the multinational client or SME in-depth qualitative knowledge about their organization and therefore the possibility of reacting more swiftly to market demands.



We have seen the strategic advantage for the client that consists in knowing the capacity of the management team, the talent of each executive, their potential and their training and developmental needs.

Another strategic advantage consists in providing these executives and managers with coaching support so as to optimize their decision-making capacity and their assumption of responsibilities within the enterprise.